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Milking 1800 goats - easily and with pleasure!

In many European countries the farmers successfully bred goats for a long time. Specialists have extensive experience in this area. But in Belarus this business is still in its infancy. That’s why UNIBOX Group of Companies carefully examines the best practices of western farmers, analyzes the experience of people who from generation to generation working in this direction. In this video you can see what the farmers say about specialized milking equipment for the goats, which we manufacture under license from the Irish company Dairymaster.

Pennsylvanian sorting system: application instructions

In order to control the length of cutting and the number of different fractions in the feed mixture a Pennsylvanian sorting system of sieves is used. It allows you to divide quickly and qualitatively a rough forage into fractions followed by definition of the percentage of each fraction in the feed mixture. This makes it possible to compare the obtained data with standard indicators and to draw the conclusions regarding the feed mixture quality on the farms.

Equipment for preparation of forages of “Unibox”

In Starodubsky area of Bryansk region a seminar – conference on forage conservation for public livestock sector was held. The participants of the seminar were shown samples of equipment for preparation of forages produced by "Unibox" when in use.

Seeding of maize under the film

In order to ensure maize seedlings quality in unfavorable for its growth conditions it is used seeding technology under the film. It permits to raise the temperature of the soil and air, protecting the young plants against frost and extreme weather conditions.

Horizontal self-propelled fodder mixer-distributor King Lion 220

Horizontal self-propelled fodder mixer-distributor King Lion of the company ZAGO – is a new generation of machines distinguishing by high-quality performance, reliability and operational characteristics. Feed mixer-distributor is specifically designed for medium-large sized cattle farms. In King Lion adopts the patented grinding and mixing FREE FLOW MIX system which guarantees ration homogeneity as it cuts forages without compromising the integrity of the natural fiber structure and maintaining the nutritional properties of the single ingredients. Chassis of the mixer is assembled on solid supports and equipped with an electronic 4-sensor weighing system. The reduced axle base makes it easy to operate the machine and provides easy manoeuvrability even in tight passages. The miller cutter, 200 cm wide, guarantees the maximum load speed thanks to the 90 cm wide in-feed conveyor with hydraulic drive. The two 95 kW piston motors allow to load silage, flour, rolls of hay and straw and so on. Significantly large self-cleaning radiators and highly accessible technical compartments make maintenance easy. The mechanical drive of the rotating augers is carried out directly from the engine via a drive shaft, which reduces the power absorption, thereby reducing fuel consumption and reducing operating costs.

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