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Our strategic task is to hold the actual and to develop new markets, to develop new activities for providing stable job and employment.

Hence we defined the following priority directions of improving the activities in quality management:

  • Constant development of processes and procedures, quality control management in general.
  • To study and analyze merchandize markets, to develop new activities.
  • To increase Company competitiveness.
  • To plan quality parameters.
  • To increase employees’ knowledge and skills.
  • To decrease production costs.
  • Constantly increase the consumer’s satisfaction.
  • To study the causes originating the discrepancies and to increase the efficiency of corrective and preventive actions.

The success of Company policy implementation in quality sector depends on quality of work of each structural unit of the enterprise, of each employee.

Senior staff assumes the liabilities to implement quality policy using the following instruments:

  • Effective management of the enterprise;
  • Provision of the required financial, technical, personnel and material resources;
  • Recompense of the employees of the enterprise for the contribution in development of high quality products, for maintenance and development of quality management system;
  • Execution of the regulations of legal acts.

Product quality management

Quality management system has been certified in STB ISO 9001-2001 сsince 2007. In June 2009 certification for the compliance to STB ISO 9001-2009.


Quality control of the products in the group of Companies UNIBOX is implemented at all the stages: from production to post sale assistance. It is a complex multistep process that involves masters of various levels:

  • Inspectors, shift supervisors of the production units (they control all the production stages);
  • Analytical laboratory (special tests, certificates of compliance of tested products with TNPA requirements);
  • QC main expert (statistic control of quality, industrial tests with the participation of the Customer’s representatives, recommendations on optimal selection of the material, reclamation processing, evaluation of risks).
This multistep control renders possible tracing and prevention of the defects at each technological stage.

Improvement of product quality

The enterprises of UNIBOX group of Companies constantly focuses on the perfection of the finish products and higher quality parameters. The process is implemented as follows:
  • Home tests of new raw, materials, finish products; 
  • Collaboration with external institutions (BGU, BGATU, Institute of powder metallurgy, BelGIM and others) in resolving science-intensive problems; 
  • Regular tests of products at Customers’ sites; 
  • Quality control of products in specialized bodies (Institute V.L.B., Berlin); 
  • Periodical statistic data communication and verifying tests with the main consumers of the products (SAB Miller RUS); 
  • Constant data and experience communication with our main suppliers (Rasselstein GmbH, U.S.Steel Kosice, Salchi Metalcoat S.r.L., Arkema GmbH, D Plast a.s.).

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