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Varnishing and Lithography

In 2003 the processing lines for varnishing and lithography were installed and launched in the premises of JV UNIBOX Ltd.

Varnishing and drying of sheet steel is made on modern equipment assuring the compliance to the effective quality demands of steel coating. High quality materials of leading European manufactures and varnishing rolls with polyurethane coating provides perfect quality of sheet steel coating. Gas dryers integrate modern high-capacity purification systems off detrimental waste with further heat recycle, automatic control of heat flows and combustion resulting in special thermo-treatment of varnished sheet.

Multicolor (four-color) lithography is performed on bi-color offset machine with automatic spirit humidification system and UV drying of sheet after each printing section. The machine provides a unique paint advance system with computer control.

Printing on steel sheet applies special UV paints and consumption materials of leading European manufactures. Automatically adjusted ratio water:paint, quality of paint roll, precise sheet advance, possible printing of clear raster points enables to reach a high level of printing.

Our equipment serves for varnishing and lithography of sheet metal and further manufacturing of crown cork, tin for food and petroleum industry, formed can for syrups, spray containers, pails, drums, sealing and Twist caps, advertisement and information posters, signs, etc. It is possible to order either entire varnishing or with gaps for frames of welded containers according to cutting scheme of the Client.

Steel sheet parameters
Sheet thickness: min – 0,13 mm, max – 1 mm.
Sheet size for varnishing: min – 510х710 mm, max – 970х1145 mm.
Sheet size for lithography: min – 512х712 mm, max – 970х1020 mm.

Minimum sheet batch – 500 pcs.

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