Production of Reinforced Concrete Products

In 2010 UNIBOX Group of Companies wins the competition for the right of purchasing concrete product plant Kopylsky, the latter since 2000 has been declared persistently insolvent, and in 2009 at last ceased functioning. The implementation of scaling investment project has started under Modernization and technical extension of concrete product plant Kopylsky that is to be terminated in December, 2014.

JV BETONBOX Ltd. Has already been founded in Kopyl together with the partner from Italian company GEOSET; BETONBOX is specialized in manufacture of light-weight building structures made of pre-stressed concrete according to Italian technologies and on the Italian equipment. The technological process applies exposed aggregates in order to eliminate all the impurities and to increase significantly reinforced concrete strength. Automation and computerization of technological process made it possible to reduce prominently steel intensity and to decrease power intensity of the production.

At this stage BETONBOX offers 80 products mainly applied in agricultural construction: various columns, beams, wall panels, slabs, and foundations. The matter is not the production of special single units but of concrete products necessary for commercial dairy farms under turnkey terms with all infrastrutcture. The characteristic feature of the products made by JV BETONBOX Ltd. is high quality according to advanced European standards and affordable price. In future it is planned to master the output of vast gamma of concrete structures for storage premises and logistics, vegetable facilities and elevators as well as residential buildings.

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