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Group of companies of «Unibox» unites 11 joint ventures, producing very different products: from beer crown corks to reinforced concrete constructions. The JSC «UPTK» – is the Belarusian founder of the JV «Unibox» Ltd and Group of companies – was created after the collapse of the USSR: the employees of enterprise made a decision about the privatization and established a joint stock company. When on the post-Soviet territory the western countries beverage manufacturers came, the experts of the enterprise realized that they could not do without the introduction of new technologies. They began an active search for strategic partners. As a result, in 1998 a Belarusian-Italian joint venture enterprise JV «Unibox» Ltd was created and it became in no time the leading manufacturer of crown corks in the CIS producing products of the highest quality, certified in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and recognized by most transnational corporations.

In a relatively short period the JV «Unibox» Ltd managed to become the number one company in its sector, and established a reputation of a reliable and trustworthy partner. And above all – in the process of the adoption of new products and their output on the market the new main principle of the company was stated – to produce products only of the highest quality.

In 2004 by DPR an unprofitable kolkhoz, located in Chervensky province of Minsk region was incorporated to the JV «Unibox» Ltd – successful in all respects of the company. In the early stages «Unibox» found itself face to face with problems which nowadays the vast majority of agricultural enterprises face: it bought very expensive machines and equipment, which as per assurances of some «competent» dealers had to solve all the problems at once, actual results could not be achieved: the farm «hung around the neck» of the enterprise.
And then a strategy that had once helped to become leaders was adopted: experts went to study the agriculture where people know how to do it.

The company invested a lot of money, did a great job, established relations with many, including the world-known scholars and practitioners who are occupied with livestock sector and crop production problems. We studied the equipment, technologies and approaches to farming in different countries, held consultations with agrarian experts and farming machines producers literally from all over the world.

After a detailed and thorough analysis of various information for the basis was taken the agronomic experience of Italy – the country with the most intensive farming, where farmers in small areas just work wonders as well as the zootechnical experience of Ireland recognized among the EU countries the producer of the cheapest and of the best quality dairy products, 80% of which is sold for export.
As a result, the Belarusian – Italian joint venture company «Ferabox», which began to produce high-efficient import-substituting agricultural machinery allowing introducing of modern agricultural technologies was founded in 2006.

And since 2008 JV «Unibox» Ltd took up the production and installation of milking parlors – the most effective ones, providing partial load mode of milking, preventing cross colonization and the spread of mastitis.
Later the production of the equipment for the production of certified seed was developed.
On the basis of the company a training center with working equipment for seminars for future livestock experts was created. Previously unprofitable farm was divided into two branches – «Agro-Box» and «Agro-Box Zootech», which became at the same time experimental basis, a laboratory for the study of the technological aspects of crop production and animal breeding, a testing ground for new types of equipment and a demonstration ground, where all the interested persons could see the results of the work done by the experts.

All the companies belonging to the Group of companies of «Unibox» and successful each in its segment make a contribution in the development of the farm, once a burden, but now turned into a source of inspiration and new ideas.

The company of «Alfa Kalor» – a leading manufacturer of heating equipment, provided the branch «Agro-Box Zootech» with an efficient milk cooler with a heat recovery system which allows save energy resources. But in addition to the traditional energy saving in the farm solar panels and collectors used to produce electricity and thermal energy are installed, there are the boilers working on pellet material, an experiment with the use of wind energy is in course. In the future here they want to make the farm be free-running. After all, in Belarus the potential of solar energy use is the same as in Germany which is the first in the world in its use for electricity generation. The company of «Expo Inоx» specializes in stainless steel articles production, which includes the production of many components for milking parlors «Unibox». The company of «Polifas» produces thermal insulating materials. The production of the company of «BetonBox», manufacturing lightweight building units of prestressed concrete according to the Italian technology, - is a new word in agricultural building. The company of «TechBox» specializes in design and construction which includes the building of dairy farms on turnkey terms, from the design to the building facility.

We are ready to share our developments with all those who already developed an understanding that it is not possible to work in the traditional way today. To anyone who wishes to implement the unique technologies proven in practice by our own successful experience, our experts provide scientific-informative, expert-analytical, consulting and training support.

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