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The first resident of free economic zone MINSK – Belarusian-Italian Joint Venture UNIBOX Ltd. was founded on March 2. At the initial stage the principle scope of its activity was manufacture of crown corks for beer, water, non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic drink bottles.  

The foundation of affiliated Belarusian-Italian Joint Venture ALFA-COLOR specialized in the production of power-efficient heating facilities.

Varnish and lithography units for sheet iron was assembled and put into operation in the premises of JV UNIBOX Ltd.


In compliance with DPR unprofitable kolkhoz located in Chervensky province Minsk region was incorporated to JV UNIBOX Ltd. Later affiliates AGRO-BOX and AGRO-BOX ZOOTECH were founded on its basis.

After the reconstruction of industrial dairy AGRO-BOX ZOOTECH, pairwise pulsating (2x2) milking line was introduced integrating hedge management system via computer.

JV FERABOX Ltd. was created for the production of high-efficient agricultural machines.


Foundation of Belarusian-Italian Joint Venture EXPO INOX: the main products are elements of smoke removal made of corrosion-proof heat-resistant stainless steel corresponding to modern European quality standards.


QC test laboratories for crown corks and lithograph were certified. Own production of modern milking parlors and the equipment for dairy farms was created based on the technology of Ireland Company «DairyMaster». Milking line with conventional (pairwise) pulsating system is replaced by own simultaneous pulsating system (4x4) and floating vacuum level. Own production of lines for purification and sorting of certified seeds is started. The branch company AGRO-BOX is registered to National Register as the manufacturer of pedigree seeds with sale license.


To determine the influence of various factors on forage quality, to determine the relation between animal intake and milk yield and to control the quality of finish products, 2 modern laboratories are opened: forage and dairy. Subsidiary BETONBOX is created for the production of light-weight constructions of pre-stressed concrete based on Italian technology.

JV UNIBOX Ltd. launched the shop for the production of stainless steel tubes. In the subsidiary AGRO-BOX ZOOTECH a new automatic comercial dairy farm is started up equipped with the most modern devices and Rotary milking parlor.

In compliance with Regulation of the President of the Republic of Belarus On Disposal of Property, education Institution State Agrarian College Smilovichy passed under ownership of JV UNIBOX Ltd. from National ownership. BELINTERBOX Ltd. started its activities specializing in breeding of stock pedigree cattle and rendering services in reproduction, selection and genetics.


On the 1st of January in Belarus there were effective 270 milking parlors of JV UNIBOX Ltd. totally for 7,940 milking places to provide the maintenance of head of about 160,000 cows. Only in the Republic of Belarus over 1 500 units of upgraded agricultural machines made by JV FERABOX Ltd. were operating.

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