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Crown Cork Production

In 1998 JV UNIBOX Ltd. started manufacturing of crown cork and in a short time it took the leading position in this area among the CIS producers.
Our products meet the highest quality standards, are certified for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 and recognized by the most of transnational corporations. Suffice it to say that JV UNIBOX Ltd. was the first in Belarus to be certified by Coca-Cola.

High quality of our crown cork is due to:
• The use of modern high-performance equipment and the latest technology;
• The use of high-quality sheet produced by Rasselstein Hoesch GmbH (Germany);
• Highly qualified personnel;
• Comprehensive quality control of the manufactured products at all stages of production.

Though seemingly simple crown cork is a high-technology product. Only one company in Europe manufactures equipment for its production. JV UNIBOX Ltd. has been constantly looking for ways to reduce the price of its crown corks without compromising their quality. Our main competitive advantage is the minimum duration of production and supply, as well as provision of expert assistance in adapting design layouts for printing on the tin.

We offer Pry-Offmini and Twist-Off types of crown corks, which provide tight capping at an excess pressure of 0,8-1,1 MPa. Crown corks can be issued lithographed with colorful drawings and inscriptions.


 Diameter, mm 

 Height, mm 




Thickness, mm




32,1 ± 0,2

6,00 ± 0,15

TFS (chrome coated tin)


ETP (stannum coated tin)

 0,21 - 0,22

PVC, PVC-Free, 

PVC with oxygen barrier, 

PVC with oxygen take in 

 Р 916


 32,1 ± 0,2

 6,00 ± 0,15

 0,21 - 0,22

 PVC Twist

 Р 912, 
Р 917

In addition to this, our company produces "draw game" crown cork. We offer both application of pictures, letters, etc. on the inside of the cork by means of the traditional multi-color printing on metal and application of multi-digit alphanumeric codes under the liner, which allows you to turn the crown into a complete analog of a lottery ticket (no code in the millions of copies will be repeated). Twist-Off type of crown cork has recently become very popular. It is easily twisted off a bottle without using special tools. This type of cork is a very specific product that requires manufacturers to follow special fabrication technique and use unique high-precision equipment.
Among our clients there are leading domestic and foreign producers of beer and soft drinks: JSC “Krynica”, JSC “Olivaria Brewery”, CJSC Heineken Breweries, SABMiller RUS LLC, OJSC “SUN InBev”, JSC “Baltika Brewery”, Moscow Efes Brewery JSC and many others.

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