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Group of Companies UNIBOX is the pioneer in application of high-efficiency technologies in agriculture. We offer to our Clients a vast gamma of innovative solutions for agricultural sector: supply of single machines and accessories to the construction of dairy-market farms on turnkey terms and equipped with state-of-the-art machineries.

Production pro production has never been our goal. Agriculture is a particular domain where it is possible (and it is necessary!) to gain from. Therefore we adopt only the technologies that really function.

The efficiency of all the technological solutions offered by UNIBOX Group of Companies has been proved in practice of the subsidiaries AGRO-BOX and AGRO-BOX ZOOTECH.

Our employees are stably following all the new developments in the agrarian field, are engaged in R&D with scientists and practice experts to introduce at site and to offer to our Clients only the reliable, verified and high tech findings of a series of lines.
  • Livestock farming
  • Crop production
  • Design of commercial dairy farms and livestock complexes.
  • Modernization and construction of commercial dairy farms under turnkey terms.
  • Production of efficient agricultural machines
  • Production, installation and maintenance of milking parlors and elements of dairy farms.
  • Production of the equipment for processing and output of stock seeds.
  • Production of reinforced concrete structures for agricultural construction.
  • Scientific research and development in agricultural field
  • Training of masters for agro-industrial complexes
  • Training and consulting in agricultural field
  • Breeding of elite cattle, service in reproduction, selection and genetics

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